The Black Tent Project is a project created to experience the nomadic life of Southern Anatolia. This project aims to revive the traditional Anatolian nomadic lifestyle  by practising the migration experiences wihtin the tradional nomadic environment.

The most important element of the project is “the black tent”, a tent made of  black goat hair in traditional way. This tent provides to the participants daily journeys within the nature, including daily migration, encampment, traditional cuisine and know-how about living within the nature.

We will benefit from the natural beauties of south-western area of Anatolia and enjoy the nomadic lifestyle for nearly one week in a purely traditional athmosphere.


The Tour

The tour of Black Tent Project includes two different programs:

Antique-Nomadic Tours: 

This program aims to present deeply the historical and cultural aspects of the South Western Anatoila. The program incudes visits to many ancient and famous cities of Lycian and Roman empires, beautiful villages in surroundings and 4 or 7  days of nomadic adventure within beautiful nature of Taurus Mountains.

Nomadic Tours: 

This program is designed to experience shortly the nomadic culture of South Western Anontolia. The program is consisted of first and last day of the tour in the hotel,https://www.hotelbarbarossa.com/ ) and 4 or 7 day of nomadic tour in Western Taurus Mountains of Kaş/Antalya/Turkey.

Please click for the detalis of Antique-Nomadic Tour and Nomadic Tour  programs


Daily Migration scedule for the Nomadic Experience

The nomadic experiences will be realized within plain nature in the beautiful mountains of Western Taurus in Antalya.

Antalya Konyaaltı plaji toroslar

The daily migration program of The Nomadic Experience Days is :

06:00: Waking Up

06:30: Light breakfast with snacks

07:00: The removal of the camp, preparation for the first half of daily migration

07:30: Beginning of the morning walk

10:00: Arrival to the day-camp, settling of the camp

10:30: Termination of camp settling, “Big Breakfast” time, free time to explore the environment

14:00: Lunch time, resting/free time

16:30:  Cofee time, removal of the camp, preparation for the second half of daily migration

19:00:Arrival to the night camp, settling of the camp

20:00: Dinner, free time