Nomadic Green

Nomadic green is an 8 days-long tour including 4 days of real nomadic adventure in beautiful Taurus Mountains.

** This tour is the short version of Ancient-Nomadic Green. **

Day 1 – Arrive to Dalaman Airport. We’ll pick you up from the airport and head to our hotel Club Hotel Barbarossa at Kaş/Antalya.

Day 2 –  Free time & swimming until 4 pm at Club Hotel Barbarossa and we will leave the hotel at 4.30 pm. At 4.30 pm, a shuttle will take us for the nomad encampment. We will visit a nomad family in Uğrar village (250 meters altitude). 

Day 3 – Our migration tour will start from Uğrar village to Kızılgöl Pasture (1,200 meters altitude) by visiting Tekircik encampment (850 meters altitude).

Day 4 – We will stay in Kızılgöl Pasture (1,200 Meters altitude), for “Cheese Making” and excursions to neighbour encampments.

Day 5 – We will continue our migration from Kızılgöl Pasture to Belkuyu Pasture (1,800 meters altitude).

Day 6 – We will stay in Belkuyu Pasture and make “nomad bread”.

Day 7 – We will wake up at 06.00 am and take a walk within the nature. After that, a shuttle will pick us up, take us to the Nisa ancient city and Sütleğen town (1,300 meters altitude). Then, we will take the shuttle at 2.00 pm from Sütleğen village, and head to our hotel Club Hotel Barbarossa.

Day 8 – We’ll drop you off to the Dalaman Airport.

In total: 8 days long tour with 4 days of nomadic adventure and 2 days of free hotel & swimming time.