Nomadic White

Nomadic white is an 11 days-long tour including 7 days of real nomadic adventure in Beautiful Taurus Mountains.

** This tour is the short version of Ancient-Nomadic White. **

Day 1 – Arrive to Dalaman Airport. We’ll pick you up from the airport and head to our hotel Club Hotel Barbarossa-Kaş/Antalya.

Day 2 – Free time & swimming until 4 pm at Club Hotel Barbarossa and we will leave the hotel at 4.30 pm. At 4.30 pm, a shuttle will take us for the nomad encampment. We will visit a nomad family in Alıçlı (1,000 meters altitude). 

Day 3 – Our migration tour will start from Alıçlı and we will head to Yongalı Pasture (1,800 Meters altitude).

Day 4 – We will stay in Yongalı Pasture for “Cheese Making”, and “Nomad Bread Making”.

 Day 5 –We will stay in Yongalı Pasture, visit nearby camps, enjoy the beauty of the nature with small excursions.

Day 6 – We will migrate from Yongalı Pasture to Karamık Pasture (1,700 meters altitude) passsing by Sinekçi village (1,300 meters altitude).

Day 7 – We will migrate to Subaşı Pasture (2,100 meters altitude) from Karamık Pasture by passing Yeşil Göl (Green Lake).

Day 8 and 9 –We will stay in Subaşı Pasture (2,100 meters altitude), make excursions to neighbour encampments, enjoy the natural beauty.

Day 10 – At 08.00 am we will leave the pasture and arrive to Club Hotel Barbarossa-for some free time.

Day 11 – We’ll drop you off to the Dalaman Airport.

In total: 11 days long tour with 7 days of nomadic adventure and of free hotel & swimming time.