The Backstage: We are a Big Family!

The idea of making a nomad lifestyle revival tour has risen under a heavy atmosphere of corporate business. (!) Who would think it would be an alternative niche cultural activity one day?!  The main aims of this tour are making a tribute to nature and free human soul living in accordance with the natural environment and respect the traditions and authenticity of precedent generations.

When we started realizing our dream we thought we would have difficulty to find contributors, the master craftsmen – craftswomen who are at the point to be extinct but we saw that we were wrong. Not only Anatolian masters created incredibly beautiful art objects from their hand but they supported us in such a level we felt granted and adopted by them.

The social bonds, strong friendships, which are as powerful as family bounds surrounded us like the arms of Mother Earth and provided us an enormous feeling of mutual trust and love. Just because those people who owe the real nomad life, the craftsmen, shepherds, weavers, nomad carpenters and so on left in the dusty shelves of the history have seen some young people were caring about their old lifestyle, how they lived, what they felt during their years coming from the past, and tribute their patience, love, knowledge, wisdom, experience about their traditional way of producing and living. They felt granted and wanted to be part of this project with their modest but very rich abilities. And compared to the corporate life this was shockingly different; care against the competition, patience against time pressures, abstract emotions against concrete performance papers.

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