The Black Tent

The Black Tent, made of goat hair, spun and woven by hands of masters, has waterproof, dismentable, anti-reptile and anti-insect properties. Animals such as snakes and scorpions cannot walk on the tent cloth.

“One horse can carry the whole load of the black tent, however 40 horses cannot carry its joy.”

The Black Tent weighs 160 kgs (350 lbs) with its roof of 24 m2, four dismentable walls, and inner ground coverage. It is erected on 9 poles of several length and loaded on horse back during daily migrations. It is possible to erect The Black Tent within 30 minutes including the placing of the whole household in the tent. In fact, the black tent is a complete house with all the facilities included, and can be dismantled, and erected at the same day in different places.

The Black tent is 4 meters by 6 meters and can host eight people during the day and the night. The goat hair textile, which forms the tent, is waterproof and provides an isolation of 10°C according to the weather conditions.

During the nights the tent is divided into four sections for people to sleep in. Each section is 2 meters by 3 meters and will be divided by special handwoven textiles.

The Black Tent Project is an interactive, experimental and a socio-cultural research tour and one of the major aims of this project is to sustain the traditional way of life of nomads of Anatolia who came from Central Asia with their proper culture and who are wandering in Anatolian land for last 1000 years.

In order to preserve and sustain the Anatolian nomadic culture, all of the materials used during the nomadic adventure are carefully created by staying loyal to the original methods of processing. All of the textiles used in the nomadic adventure are dyed by natural materials such as herbs and woven by hand. This includes the black tent itself, the “perdehs” to be used as room separators and nomadic sacks.