Tribal Wind

Tribal Wind is a 6 days-long tour including 4 days of real nomadic adventure in Taurus Mountains and a visit to famous and beautiful ancient cities of South West Turkey. The tour can be done from the beginning of May until the end of October upon demand.

Day 1 – Arrive to Dalaman Airport. We’ll pick you up from the airport and head to our hotel.

Day 2 – Our migration tour will start from Alıçlı and we will head to Yongalı Pasture (1,800 Meters altitude).

Day 3 – Yongalı- We will make a natural dyeing workshop and visit neighboring encampments and enjoy the beauty of the nature with small excursions. We will be transfered to Karamuk Pasture for the night camp in the Black Tent.

Day 4 – We will begin to migrate towards the Green Lake from Karamuk Pasture. We will be picked up and transfered to Subaşı Pasture (2.100 meters of altitude) in early afternoon. We will pass the night at Subaşı Pasture.

Day 5 – We will visit Ekizgöl encampment of Nomads, and make nomad cheese. We will be transfered to the hotel in the evening.

Day 6 – We’ll drop you off to the Dalaman Airport.