Bayram’s Story

Coming from a Turkmen family of Konya plain settled many generations back, Bayram gains his life by weaving pile carpets which is the heritage of his nomadic roots. The first time we met Bayram told us about his passion towards carpets but also his passion for making his three children study at university. He suffered so much about being economically unable to study during his childhood; he now wants to change this destiny for his children. Although he knew how to weave carpets, he had no idea about how to weave nomadic sacks. That means the knowledge of weaving nomadic sacks has been forgotten by his community. We thought him how to weave the sucks but we had a problem. Due to technical reasons, these sacks should be woven from the backside from where the front side cannot be seen. In a certain point, the weaver is lost within the pattern and couldn’t decide how to proceed.

Because of this technical problem, the production of nomadic sacks with Bayram had stopped. Desperately, we and Bayram were looking each other without any words…. After some weeks our friend and a very well-known antique carpet collector Sonny Berntsson succored us from this trouble with very clever and old information. Sonny’s best friend Musa Bulduk and her wife were from Tavşançalı village of Konya plain and immigrated to Sweden 40 years ago. But before this, Musa’s wife was weaving nomadic sacks in her village. She told Sonny Berntsson that they were all using a small mirror to be put underneath the warps to see the pattern during the weaving process. Such key info!

The most exciting moments lived during the first application of this freshly obtained info to the loom. AND…. The result was not only successful, but such a beautiful thing spread out of the talented hands of Bayram. At the end of the job, after 10 sacks have been woven by him, Bayram requested that the patterning cartoons stay with him; he was smiling while saying he wanted to continue weaving sacks for the family’s own use at home and also maybe for other commercial activities too. By sending us back to Istanbul, in front of the door he was saying, come on we were nomads once and I want to continue what my ancestors produced during centuries. We were all more than happy. Now Bayram asks time to time the schedule of our tour to visit us at least once in a suitable time. Bayram, you are always welcome 🙂

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